High quality LED Fairy Lights - Why it's worth the extra money

Long Life, High Quality LED Fairy Lights

There are so many cheap fairy lights on the market. You know the ones, you buy them thinking they'll be great and they look great when you first put them up! But, a few months down the track, they start to quickly break. LED's go out, cables get pulled and the bright lights fade to a dull glow.

Well, ours are different.

Our Fairy Lights are designed with high quality LED's, guaranteed to last years. Our cable is 4x thicker than standard fairy lights and double shielded with rubber, not PVC. They're also much easier to install! Instead of having a huge tangled roll of lights to wrangle around a tree, ours come in 10m connectable lengths! We also have splitters for branches, so you don't have to wrap all the way up and then back down a branch, meaning you also use less lights!


A huge factor in getting a long lifetime out of your LED Fairy Lights comes from your LED driver, the device that transforms mains power (240v) into the safe, low voltage power all outdoor lighting should be running on. Our MeanWell LED Drivers come with a 5 year warranty and are designed to protect the LED's in various ways.

For more information on our Commercial Grade LED Fairy Lights, please email us at info@glow-worm.com.au or call us on (07) 3180 3834 Or....visit our website - www.glow-worm.com.au

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Welcome to Glow Worm Lighting!

We're a Brisbane based premium supplier and installer of high quality, low voltage, commercial grade LED fairy lights and festoon lights. We strive to only stock the best quality products and are growing our product count bit-by-bit, only allowing quality that we'd expect in our own lives.

All of our products carry a 2-year Warranty.