Fairy Light Installation in East Toowoomba, Queensland

The customer had some existing fairy lights that were considered commercial grade about 5 years ago. These lights were sold in one long reel and had to be cut and spiced in order to map the tree. 

The old lights had become severely worn out and the metal staples used to secure them had almost completely disappeared into the growing tree, making it virtually impossible to salvage the old lights. 

The original lights on the tree were also insulated with PVC, making them non-flexible. The commercial grade lighting system by Glow Worm Lighting uses a thick rubber insulation and a 3 wire twist strand assembly to allow the lights to stretch as the tree grows! Our lights also come in various connectable lengths, making almost any installation possible. 

The art of wrapping a tree with fairy lights:

There are many different ways to string up fairy lights in a tree. We like to make the tree as much of a showcase as the lighting - that’s why we wrap our rubber fairy lights thickly around all major trunks and branches, to promote the trees natural architectural shape, even at night.  

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